Fuel Lock™ for Business tracks PIN usage in real-time via mobile app. Now you can track your fuel usage in the palm of your hand. With Fuel Lock™ for Business you can manage up to 1000 employees. View employee PIN usage and frequency with custom email or text alerts.
  • Connection to new or existing pumps
  • Multiple user capability
  • Auto Lock between 5-60 minutes
  • Compatible with 120V power
  • Apple and Android compatible with free download of the Fuel Lock™ app*
  • Ability to control two types of fuel or power sources
  • Custom text and email alerts
  • Daily, weekly or monthly PIN usage reports
  • Lockout parameters
  • Enclosure tamper alert

*Data fees apply to Fuel Lock™ for Business, fees start as low as $25/month.

Fuel Lock™ costs cents to own. See for yourself!

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