About Fuel Lock

An Innovative Solution to an Everyday Problem

The Fuel Lock™ system was born out of practicality on the Fahlman family farm. Landon, a current electrician, was helping his father (Keenan) install a set of 1000 gallon fuel tanks alongside their shop. Landon was trying to figure out a way they could access fuel without worrying about fuel keys, locking up the padlock and chain, or locking the electrical panel. He began to work on a concept and soon had a prototype of Fuel Lock™ installed. With a simple 4 digit PIN, any family member or employee of the farm could access fuel. The best part? It would automatically lock when they were finished. Keenan could relax knowing his fuel was safely protected and locked at all times.

Even though he had solved the problem of automatically locking the fuel tanks, Landon didn’t want to stop there. There was still the problem of identifying who was accessing the fuel tanks and when. He continued developing his prototype and soon Fuel Lock™ for Business and the Fuel lock™ mobile app were created. Now, business owners not only get an alert each time their fuel is accessed, they also know by which employee and what type of fuel was taken. Fuel Lock™ hopes to help business owners eliminate worry, and feel confident knowing they can monitor their fuel storage even when they are away.

The Fuel Lock™ products are proudly manufactured in Regina, Saskatchewan at IntraGrain Techologies Inc. head office.

Award - Canada's Farm Progress Show Award - AG Innovations