Can Fuel Lockrun on multiple existing tanks?

Yes, Fuel Lock can work on either new or existing tanks. Fuel Lock can handle up to 4 pumps/pulsers and is compatible with 120V or 240V pumps.

What kind of pumps and pulsers do I need? Are there specific brands I should use?

You’ll need 120V or 240V pumps. We are not compatible with 12VDC pumps or DC supply power.

We have several pulsers that are compatible; the list can be found on the Dealer Portal. If you have a pulser brand that isn’t on the list, contact us about the possibility of it becoming compatible.

What does the installation process involve?

You need an electrician to install the device. Anticipate 3-5 labour hours depending on whether it is a new or retrofit install. When the device is installed, you’ll need to download the Apple or Android app and add your device. The device setup takes about 5-10 mins by following the App Guide Instruction Manual.

How much are the data fees?

The Business Access fees are based on the number of users and devices connected to your account. Most users pay $300 per year for Business Access fees and this is to enable notifications and app usability.

Is the device weatherproof?

Yes, the Fuel Lock device is weatherproof and can be operated to -40 C. The screen inside the device has a heater inside that activates at -3 C.

What is the warranty?

Calian Agriculture offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation on Fuel Lock Business and from the date of purchase on Fuel Lock Personal.