What is Fuel Lock™?

Simply put, Fuel Lock is a fuel pump locking PIN pad device that also provides powerful online reporting of your operation. Fuel Lock secures your fuel and allows you to view usage reports from a web dashboard or through a mobile app.

It lets you know every time your fuel is accessed, and by whom – in real time. You can feel confident knowing your fuel tank is secure, with information at your fingertips that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Test Drive Fuel Lock

Want to see what it’s like for yourself? Download the Fuel Lock Demo App on your mobile device today and see what fueling up at the pump looks like.

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Compare Fuel Lock products

Fuel Lock™ Personal

Fuel Lock Personal

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Fuel Lock™ Business

Fuel Lock Business

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Single user PIN entry
Compatible with 120/240V pumps
Two-year warranty
Automatic locking timer (5 – 60 minutes)
Smart Lock (15, 30 or 45 seconds lockout after fueling stops)
Online web dashboard reporting
Daily, weekly, or monthly usage reports
Manage multiple of users (up to 800 employees)
Manage multiple of equipment (up to 500 pieces)
Manage multiple contractors (up to 100 contractor IDs)
Equipment odometer tracking (km, mi or hrs)
Custom field - a personalized tracking feature
Icon - Grain level indicator by yard, bin, and grain type Track in litres or gallons
Real-time fuel usage notifications
Icon - Custom text or email alerts Alerts when fuel tanks are low
Set active hours (like weekdays only)

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