PINs Not Working

If an employee is not able to access a Fuel Lock device after being added to the Fuel Lock App or Web Dasbhoard, please check the following: Ensure Fuel Lock device has been synced Sync the Fuel Lock device by pressing * then ### on the keypad Note that Fuel Lock is also configured to […]

Device Has No Power

Symptoms No power to door System status light not blinking Keypad backlight off Screen off Bypass switch not unlocking No power at all Possible Causes Faulty transformer Blown fuse Loose connector Troubleshooting See troubleshooting video on our YouTube channel. Check System Status light This can be found on the Fuel Lock motherboard. If the motherboard […]

No Pulses/Flow Being Detected or Device Constantly Detecting Pulses

Symptoms Pulser board not reading Unauthorized pulses Liters/pulses not being tracked Not detecting flow on single slot Fuel Lock device (screen) not showing liters Possible Causes Faulty flow meter board Disconnected J16 J16 connector not connected properly / the right way On the main board, slots wired to the top connector instead of the bottom […]

Pumps Not Engaging After Unlocking Device

Symptoms No loud clunk when unlocking the device and pumps would not turn on No faint click after unlocking device Nothing happens after unlocking device Unlocking via keypad does not work but does when using bypass switches Possible Causes Faulty keypad Loose pins/connectors on the keypad Faulty contactor Loose connectors / screws on the contactors […]

Display Screen Issues

Screen Contrast Too Light/Dark Try adjusting the screen contrast. For steps on how to do this, please visit the Adjust Screen Contrast article It is also recommended that when adjusting the contrast, first incease to very dark level by repeatedly pressing 3, then press 1 until the display is readable Try power cycling the device […]