Device Has No Power

Symptoms No power to door System status light not blinking Keypad backlight off Screen off Bypass switch not unlocking No power at all Possible Causes Faulty transformer Blown fuse Loose connector Troubleshooting See troubleshooting video on our YouTube channel. Check System Status light This can be found on the Fuel Lock motherboard. If the motherboard […]

Replace Fuel Lock Motherboard

For video guide on replacing the Fuel Lock motherboard, click here.

Flow Test

Fuel Lock devices are equipped with an on-board install/troubleshooting menu designed to assist installers and electricians with initial install and calibration of the device, as well as field troubleshooting if hardware fails during operation. For information on how to do a Flow Test, check out this video. Notes: This tool does not require any Fuel Lock […]

Adjust Screen Contrast

Introduction It may sometimes be necessary to adjust the screen’s contrast. Note that this requires access to the ADMIN PIN. This video will show how to adjust screen contrast on your Fuel Lock device. Steps From the main lock screen, press * to access the Administration page Enter the ADMIN PIN followed by # to […]

Restore to Default

Introduction The Restore to Default function can be used if you are experiencing software-related issues with your device. This will restore your Fuel Lock device back to factory-default settings, and then reapply all your user-created settings back onto the device (tanks, employees, equipment IDs, everything you’ve created on the website or app). Note that this […]

Manual Sync

Introduction A manual sync is required for any changes made in the Fuel Lock app or Web Dashboard to be applied to the device. Some examples of changes that require a manual sync are, but not limited to: Adding/editing/removing employee Adding/editing/removing equipment Adding/editing/removing device Adding/editing/removing Power Supplies and Pulsers The process may time up to […]