‘The ideas keep getting better’ for Agri-Trade’s innovations program

This year’s trio of winners keep you safe, protect your fuel tanks, and prevent spoilage in the bin.

Fuel Lock was founded out of practicality. While installing fuel tanks on their 7,000-acre family grain farm near Holdfast, Sask., Landon Fahlman was trying to find a better way to lock their fuel tanks without padlocks, fuel keys, or locking the electrical panel.

That led to the creation of a prototype of Fuel Lock — a device that allows users to access the fuel tanks by entering a four-digit PIN. The system then automatically locks when fuelling is finished. A revised system, launched last year at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, includes a mobile app.

“Fuel Lock is a keypad entry system that automatically locks power to and from your fuel tanks,” said Karissa Peterson with IntraGrain Technologies, manufacturer for Fuel Lock. “The Fuel Lock mobile app records which employee accessed the fuel, what time they accessed it at, and what type of fuel they accessed, all in real-time alerts.”

Fuel Lock allows users to lock fuel tanks without padlocks, fuel keys, or locking the electrical Fuel Lock

Fuel Lock has two tiers that users can choose from — personal or business. The personal version features an automatic lock that can be set in the event that you forget to lock your tanks. It has the ability to connect to new or existing fuel tanks, and runs off 120V power.

Fuel Lock Business is a fuel management system that comes with connectivity to the Fuel Lock app, recording employee transactions in real time so owners can keep track of their fuel storage from anywhere in the world, said Peterson. A third version for commercial users is set to launch in early 2019.

“It adds the element of level sensing, so you’ll know how much fuel each employee has accessed,” said Peterson.

As well, the level sensing information can also be shared with your fuel provider so fuel deliveries can be more efficient.

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